The site is located on Av. Unión, in Colonia Lafayette, home to this emblematic and forceful building, of corporate and commercial use. The program provides optimum lighting and ventilation for the user. It provides high spatial quality, considering the simplicity of the materials used in both structure and finishes. It contemplates an easy operability, low and easy maintenance for all offices, commercial premises and public areas.

Two rectangular volumes contain the commercial areas and another one, a cubic volume, superimposed over them, the corporate areas. The roofs of the two commercial blocks became terraces for the users of the complex. The placement of the volumes generates squares that serve as free public space for the city. A second annexed square creates an entrance vestibule to the building. Both places can be integrated as a single common recreation space and as an exhibition area and gallery.

Reinforced concrete is proposed for the facade. A central nucleus generates a floor plan free of intermediate columns. The work space is arranged in the surrounding area. A double glazing for solar and acoustic protection is propitiated for the multiple facades generating a more sustainable building. The central portions of the East and West façades retract, generating terraces that provide additional lighting and ventilation to the offices.

Arq. Alberto Tacher
Arq. Sara Tamez
Arq. Álvaro Gutiérrez
Arq. David Bercovici

Project Director:
Arq. Fernando Basurto
Equipo de trabajo:
Arq. Sofía Gómez
Arq. Daniel Zepeda
Arq. Fernanda Reyes
Arq. Patricio Pérez
Arq. Adriana del Muro


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