The project starts from the need to generate an integral and functional complex with endogenous characteristics of sustainability.

The building widens on the ground floor joining two narrow streets and creating a central square, which links the architectural program of the compound with its immediate context. Three volumes that dialogue with the surrounding architecture emerges from a basement that respects the original height of the house Baeza Alzaga, unifying the aesthetics of the complex as a whole.

The project incorporates passive systems for energy saving. The fragmentation of the program in three buildings, same as the implementation of raised terraces, allows natural ventilation and lighting.

Ciudad Creativa Digital is a space for the people; a place to work and generate knowledge, to develop talents, to learn the use of new technologies, while increasing their life quality.

Arq. Alberto Tacher

Project Director:
Arq. Iván Betancourt

Project Team:
Arq. Fernando Basurto
Arq. Jessica Lau
Arq. Ana Paula González Luna
Arq. Myra Cortés
Arq. Daniel Zepeda
Arq. Adriana del Muro


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