Located in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco; lie a complex of single-family housing with 14 residences. The proposal starts from the houses as a compound, down to its single execution. As a result, form and materiality, and orientation, -along with the concept of "country house" in the city- come together in the simplicity and privacy of the architectural program.

The housing design originates from the placement of the unit’s ground floor.  Orientated east to west, it allows the different areas to be adjacent to a longitudinal axis, therefore, a north - south orientation for each space is obtained. Privacy is attained by the distribution of the architectural plan, which is open and placed towards one side of the land. Along one axis of the project, the design endure gardens for each space of the architectural program. Those gardens help to distance the houses among themselves and isolate the house from the neighbors.

For the top floor of each house, it was sought to avoid crossing views between houses. For this reason, the distribution of the rooms on the upper floor is resolved on two longitudinal axis, perpendicular to a transversal one. In each room the windows are intercalated so that, in this way, no window is facing each other, also averting direct views to the neighbor areas.

Finally, the materiality of the complex is directly linked to the single unit’s finishes. In their common areas, stone and trees are proposed as divisions for their roads. By employing different colors and textures, a balance is achieved between the apparent brick and white and gray colors.

Arq. Alberto Tacher
Arq. Fernando Basurto

Project Director:
Arq. Natalia Orozco
Arq. Ana Paula González Luna

Project Team:
Arq. Myra Cortés
Arq. Juan Martínez
Arq. Carolina González
Arq. Iván Betancourt
Arq. Arturo Nava
Arq. Lino Pimentel
Arq. Gladys Tena
Arq. Alejandro Ponce


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